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The Vario 5 with STABIL G2, Standard Gimbal Rig Vest & Quick Release from Easyrig features the Vario 5 power pack, STABIL G2 foldable shock-absorbing arm, and standard-size Gimbal Rig Vest, which is designed with a wide front that fits around the waist and over the hips. The standard vest offers a waist adjustment range of 33 to 47". Also included is a quick release camera mount instead of the standard one.

The Vario 5 has an integrated 35" suspension line and offers tension adjustment on the rear for 11 to 38 lb loads. The STABIL G2 Arm is included in place of a standard arm. It's designed to hold your camera load while also smoothing out shots. It also has a built-in stand hanger that allows you to set down your entire rig on the edge of a film cart or other surface with a similar edge.

When you receive the bundle, the STABIL G2 comes attached to the Vario 5. The suspension line of the Vario 5 is already routed through the length of the STABIL G2, and the included quick release camera mount is secured to the line at the end. The quick release comes with two 3/8"-16 and two 1/4"-20 ball studs. The threaded ends of these ball studs can be screwed into top handles and other supports that offer a matching threaded hole, and the quick release attaches to and removes from the ball ends by quick release.

The body-worn Easyrig system takes the load off your shoulder, neck, and arm muscles and distributes it across your torso for easier operation over long periods.

Key Features

  • Vario 5 power pack with integrated 35" suspension line and tension adjustment for 11 to 38 lb loads
  • Standard-size Gimbal Rig Vest (33 to 47" waist adjustment)
  • STABIL G2 foldable shock-absorbing arm
  • Quick release camera mount with two 3/8"-16 and two 1/4"-20 ball studs

Easyrig Vario 5 with STABIL G2


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