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4 risers, 5 sections.

Leg: 30 x 30mm

Chrome plated steel stand with braked wheels

Dia. 90mm, 80mm, 70mm, 60mm, 50mm

Wind bracing kit

The Kupo Jumbo Stand, made from chrome plated steel, is specifically designed to satisfy the industry’s requirement for extra heavy loads with the ultimate of safety in mind. The Kupo Jumbo Stand can support a load capacity up to 70kg (154lbs) and delivers a maximum working height of 6.1m (20') when fully extended. Features Kupo's direct drive gear mechanism and auto-locking instead of pullies and cables.


1. Large size T-handle on each riser is ergonomically design for maximum torque.

2. 28mm (1-1/8”) junior receiver with 3 eyelets for wind bracing kit.

3. Dual handle equipped on bottom spider casting for easily folding the base.

4. Leg brace is made of rectangular steel tubing for maximum stability and safety.

5. Auto self-locking device prevents unintentional and uncontrolled lowering of the load.

6. Industry 6” (152mm) braked caster included makes stand moveable in the studio or on location.

7. Assembled by nuts and bolts for easier maintenance and tightness adjustable instead of fixed rivet.



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